Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General https://red-star-fixed-matches.com/ offers the information on this internet website (hereinafter “The Service”) to every user who contacts or makes a connection with the website or that has an account out of which the connection to the website is done.

These rules will apply for all uses of the website and all of its contents and not only for the forum users. The contents of this website are not to be seen as a recommendation / lobbying or influence to deal with bets / bet and / or do anything illegal.

According to the copyrights laws, and the international agreements, the copyrights for publishing sure bets on these websites belong to the website operators only.

The https://red-star-fixed-matches.com/publications, meaning the texts and / or pictures and / or maps and / or illustrations and / or video clips and / or sound files and / or graphics and / or software applications (hereinafter: “The Protected Material”) belong to the website operators, unless it is explicitly determined that the copyrights belong to a different source.

The user is permitted to make fair use of the protected material. While making fair use of the protected material the user is obligated to indicate the source from which the protected material was taken.

The user is not allowed to make any falsification, damage, or any action to the protected material which can in any way reduce the value related to the protected material that may harm the dignity, status, or reputation of Sure Bets.

This website is not designated for minors as defined by law and to these persons the entrance to the website and the use of its contents is strictly forbidden. Upon entering the website you declare that you are above 18 years of age.

The service is offered to the public as is and Surebet will not be responsible for suiting the service to the user’s needs.

https://red-star-fixed-matches.com/will not be responsible for any damage caused to the user and / or to any third party following the use of this service and / or the information included in it.

“Damage” means any damage, direct or indirect, including damage caused as a result of flying on the information which appears in the service, erroneous or misleading information appearing in the service, the temporary or permanent shutdown of the service, the use of the applications or the applications provided to this websites by other websites, or software downloaded directly or via the service or run as a result of the use of the service by deleting, changing or any other disruption caused to the information appearing in the service or of any damage caused as a result of using another website which maintains a connection to this website.

The user and the user alone is responsible for the method in which he makes use of the service and / or the information published in the service, and for any damage which may be caused as a result of the aforesaid use.

All content uploaded on to the website by an internet surfer, including pictures, video content, films, and / or any other content uploaded by a surfer to the website and / or any of its services, is in the ownership and sole responsibility of the surfer who uploaded it as aforesaid.

All copyrights and / or intellectual property rights and / or any other right of the above mentioned contents belongs to the surfer who uploaded them on to the website. The surfer declares he knows that any information, text, software, music, sound, picture, graphics, video, and any other material published or sent by him is his sole responsibility, and the surfer is solely responsible for the content of the messages uploaded and / or sent by him to the website and / or to any of its services.

The surfer is obligated that every message and any other material will be appropriate and will not hurt any rights of any other person, including intellectual property rights. The surfer will not upload to the website and / or send through it any illegal material and / or material that may hurt and / or harass other surfers, and / or advertising and commercial material, and will not act in any way that may cause harm to the website.

The surfer will not upload to the Sure Bets website or to any service in it any content which constitutes as prohibited content as defined by law.

Use of Links
https://red-star-fixed-matches.com/ website includes links to other websites. These links are only for the convenience of the users and the website does not have any control or right for the material in these websites.

https://red-star-fixed-matches.com is not responsible for the content of the material found in these third-party websites. The links to the third-party websites do not provide Sure Bets, validation, approval, recommendation, or preference to these linked websites, including 

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